Toupe on the App Store

I am excited to announce the release of the Toupe app on the App Store.

Toupe is a simple utility that gives you more control over how much you pay for electricity.  It does this in two ways: by showing you the current price of electricity in your area, and letting you compare prices across all the service plans your utility offers.

Current Price
Learn when electricity is cheapest (typically at night) and when the best times are to run your appliances or other electricity hungry machinery.  If you charge an electric vehicle at home, you will definitely want to try Toupe as you can immediately start seeing significant savings.

Pricing screen

Pricing screen

Compare Prices

Also, Toupe shows you what other service plans your utility company offers, and the current price on those plans.  Similar to how your telephone company offers different levels of service to best suit your needs, most utility companies offer several service plans.  Toupe lets you compare prices across all the service plans.

Compare service plans

Compare service plans

Free to Download
The app is free to download on the App Store.  Toupe has pricing for nearly all utilities in the U.S.  Put in your zip code, select your utility and you’re set to go.

Toupe is powered by Genability’s extensive electricity pricing data.  If you are interested in integrating real time electricity pricing, bill calculation and lots more into your application, check out Genability’s APIs.  They’ve got a rock solid API and are constantly extending it.


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