No more Posole, please!

I reached a major milestone for me last month in fully automating the data retrieval for  I now query multiple music api services at differing intervals throughout the day.  And adding a new city is quite simple to do.  Welcome Chicago!

But the ui was making me nauseous every time i saw it. Cool font that lost its cool the 100th time you’ve seen it. The off white background that just begs to be more interesting.

And the 1 out of 4 incorrect videos needs to be vastly improved and is one thing that would impact when I announce hopscotch.  Today we had Posole performing in San Francisco, and the video that you saw on hopscotch was educational yet ultimately not what should have been there

Here is a correct one:

When I completed the last revision, I generally liked the ui, but now I see it is kinda lacking. There isn’t much a user can do with it. I want to incorporate more social and use that to crowdsource the video library collection.

I am considering having a designer help with the ux. First I would want to get the functionality working with the major components like the crowdsourcing piece. I haven’t thought about revenue much because i wouldn’t pay for this site as it is now.

So, no more eating Posole. It’s time to listen to it!


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