Why the font-face?

Fonts.  Helvetica.  Sans-serif.  I know enough to know what serifs are and that they are harder on the eyes.  I set out to learn all about fonts and typeface and optimal fonts for the web and all that stuff.  In short what I learned is this: don’t try to get too fancy with fonts too soon.  If you’re designing a website, just use a standard font like Helvetica or Arial.   Those are more than fine.  When you’re ready for it, start to get into Typekit fonts and maybe even some crazy, fancy fonts for fun or when you want to make a really creative site.

So I’ve decided my go to CSS font styling is:

font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif;

It looks good and I can move on to other areas of the site design.

Still, I did find it extremely useful to learn about fonts and typefaces and all of that.  So here are some of the sites I found useful.

Font vs Typeface

Start here.  Good easy explanation of typeface vs font

Commonly used font families

Good overview of commonly used font families, with pros and cons for each.


Great explanation of font-face and why it was such a big achievement in CSS.

Free Fonts!

Remember what I said about waiting before using external fonts, ignore that. This site has completely free, open-source fonts with a great display of examples. http://www.fontsquirrel.com/


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