Mongo grouping with node.js

Grouping in Mongo is equivalent to doing a GROUP BY in SQL. In this example we will be grouping within the Application collection. There are two bits of code here. First, it is the generic worker method that executes the grouping. It takes in all the parameters such as the key to group by and the reduce method to run and returns the results as JSON.

//Generic worker function to run a 'group by'
exports.runGroup = function(myCollection, inputKey, inputCond, inputInitial, inputReduce, options, nextFn) {

    // perform the {query} on the collection and invoke the nextFn when done
    var db = new Db(dbname, new Server(host, port, {}), {native_parser:false}); (error, client) {
      if (error) throw error;

      db.collection(myCollection, function(err, collection) {

              inputKey, // key
              inputCond, // cond
              inputInitial,  // initial
              inputReduce, // reduce function
              true, // use the group command
              function(err, results){ 
         );  // end of
      }); //end of db.collection
    });  //end of

Second, we call the method on the Application collection to group by appId.

	var inputKey = { "appId" : true} ;
	var inputCond = { "timestamp" : { $gte: req.fromDate, $lte: req.toDate } };
	var inputReduce = "function(obj, prev) { prev.count++; }";
	var inputInitial =  { "count" : 0};
	var optionsArray = {};
	optionsArray['slaveOk'] = true;
	optionsArray['limit'] = 300;
	optionsArray['sort'] = {};
	optionsArray['sort']['_id']= -1;

	this.runGroup('restCall', inputKey, inputCond, inputInitial, inputReduce, optionsArray, function(results) {

		results.sort(function(a,b) {
		    // this sorts the array using the total count of the 'count' column
    		    return ((a['count']  b['count']) ? -1 : 0));


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